Easily Deploy Auto-Updating

Java & JavaScript Native Desktop Apps

  1. Sign up for a free account

  2. Add configuration to your build

  3. Builds automatically upload your application

  4. Use a simple portal to choose who gets which update

  5. Apps are automatically updated on launch!

For a new "Hello World" application, a few lines added to a typical Maven or Gradle build is all that's needed to add basic client-side update and build deployment. The Zadt server portal & SDK provides web services for managing updates, automatic prevention of man-in-the-middle attacks, signature verification, multiple release channels and more!

For deeper integration, a simple Java API can be used to provide update notifications and rich user interfaces for managing updates. For example, a progress bar showing the status of the download, reminders to the user to restart & install updates, and more.

Consumer Friendly

Designed to scale to broad consumer deployments using industry standard cloud services and CDN technology.

Enterprise Solutions

Want to deploy a desktop app to internal customers? Reach out for more information about on-premise, private data-center and private cloud deployment.

Open Source Friendly

Have an open source project that would benefit from automatic updates for end users? Reach out for an open source license today!

Technical Details

If you have any additional questions about the system not covered here, please reach out and let us know!​

Deployment Targets

  • Seamless updates require macOS .dmg / Windows .msi files

  • Includes overview of how to integrate .dmg / .msi file generation into standard Java builds

  • Use Java 15 / Java 16 jpackage to automatically generate .dmg / .msi files

Client Java SDK

  • Integration & examples for Java 11 LTS & Java 15

  • Out-of-box support for Maven & Gradle builds

  • Examples of AWT, Swing, and JavaFX update interfaces

  • White-label automatic updater, customizable as needed

  • Support both core application and (large) data file updates

Server Platform

  • Built with industry standard Java technology

  • Support application update deployment to industry standard cloud platforms (recommended for most deployment scenarios) or internal data centers (for Enterprise usage)

OS Native Signature Verification

  • Works with Apple code-signing and notarization.

  • Works with Microsoft code-signing.

Coming Soon

The following features are in active development!

Eventually, you will be able to use a single solution for managing analytics, crash reporting, identity, and commerce. All of these solutions are designed to empower software development teams to focus on features and customer relationships, instead of infrastructure.


integrate with off-the-shelf, industry solutions for eCommerce.


integrate with off-the-shelf, industry identity solutions for public and private (enterprise) deployments.

Crash Reporting

The Zadt client SDK provides a simple system for tracking client-side crashes. Manage crashes, including single-click assignment to a GitHub project.


Dashboard showing who is using your desktop app, including which channels, zero-configuration standard events, and simple custom events.